Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bearly Rid'n

My brother in-law wants to get a motorcycle. He is by all accounts a giant of a man at 6'6" and 350+ lbs. He is a terribly sweet guy. The thought of him riding a motorcycle brings to mind images of Harry Potter's Hagrid tearing along the streets of Little Whinging. My sister asked for a picture of him riding his dream bike. Of course I couldn't resist.

 I have always loved the pen and ink/watercolor sketches of Marc Davis. One of my very first books was a book that gave an illustrated history of buccaneers, privateers and pirates. My parents bought me the book from the Pirate's gift shop in the  Magic Kingdom. It featured many of Marc Davis' sketches and studies from his work on the ride. I still have this book today. A bit tattered and worn, but still good.

Inspired by Marc Davis, here he is, just bearly rid'n.