Monday, January 24, 2011


I love pirates. Ever since I was a young boy, I have been fascinated by buccaneers, swashbucklers and rogues of all stripes. Inspired by various artists that I admire (primarily a certain fellow with robotic tendencies) I wanted to make a little pirate adventure of my own. Here is some of my preliminary process in creating an illustration. Against my instincts to dive right into a full fledged scene, I try to force myself to scribble a thumbnail. I almost always disregard this rule of thumb and take to drawing the entire scene without rhyme or reason. I guess that is a bad habit leftover from my days as a second grader. I really don't like to draw so tiny, but I always regret when I don't take this first step.

So now that the scene has been thumbed out, I start to develop some characters for my pirate crew.

I will usually draw these guys disjointed from the scene they will finally appear in. At this point, I am searching for their personality. I am waiting for them to tell me how they are supposed to fit into the picture.

Every sea-faring adventure needs a sea creature.

Some Damsels in distress...

...a hero.

I am thinking of adding some monkeys, a goat and even a robot or two. Check back and see where this goes!