Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Character Development for 11 Second Club

I was talking to my coworker, friend and veteran animator, Eugenio Mediavilla, about this month's animation competition for the 11 Second Club. I told him I wanted to do a toddler in his playpen. He immediately began to ideate a thousand and one ideas for the character and the scene. So I asked him to rough up a concept for me to build on. He came in with this sketch which I really liked. In my initial sketches, I had the toddler wearing nothing but diapers. Genio asked me, "are you really going to animate ten fingers and ten toes?" I saw his point.

I merged his concept with the work I had already been doing to create this little guy. I did concede the point about letting the folds in the Onesie help create expressive drawings. However, I needed the little guy to have fingers for the acting I have planned so I did away with the mittens.

How do you like it?

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