Thursday, May 14, 2009

Die Commie, Die!

After returning from lunch with a coworker this afternoon, I spotted a green box turtle sunning itself on the bank of the canal by work. Having a few moments left in my lunch break, I quickly doodled a "likeness" of a coworker as a brooding and bellicose turtle. It was great fun to do, because I scratched it on a scrap of lined notebook paper that I had on my desk. I still like to draw on lined paper, it reminds me of a time when I didn't know that there was blank paper made specifically to draw on.

So, then I went home and decided to "draw" this character a little more. I made a few changes to him. Although the second drawing is more fundamentally sound (three dimensional and volumetric) I'm not sure that I retained enough of the vitality and whimsy of the first sketch. In this second attempt, it no longer "resembles" the coworker but rather has begun to take on a life of its own. What do you think?

And yes, he is wearing a turtle neck sweater.

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