Sunday, June 8, 2008

Crystal Skull

In the Fall of last year, I was asked to paint a Crystal Skull concept for a licensing tie in to the new Indiana Jones film. The sketch was created by another artist that I work with. As is often the case with movie licensors, we weren't given much in the way of reference. So we gleaned as much information as we could from available photos and blindly managed to create an interesting image. I painted the skull to look like it was made of greenish crystal. Below is the skull as seen in the movie.

Looking back now, I know that I should have painted the skull with more translucency and facets. The art was slated to be used for a tin container. Before we were able to finalize the concept, we received the approved artwork from Lucasfilm, so there was no need to take this art any further. Still, having grown up watching and pretending to be the adventurous archaeologist, I really loved working on this concept.

By the way, I still haven't found the time to see the movie.

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