Friday, April 18, 2008

DrawerGeeks Triplets

Here is my exploratory sketch for my submission to DrawerGeeks this week. The theme was triplets, so I decided to take the three little pigs and make them into the Three Musketeers. I ran out of time, so I wasn't able to develope the staging much beyond the cleaned up character lineup below.

I like the direction that this is going in. I would like to use a more lively line weight in the tightened drawing in order to preserve the movement and vibrancy of the quick sketch above. Hope you enjoy. I invite you to leave comments!


Jon said...

Awsome idea and an awsome drawing. You need to paint these guys!!

Vanhoozerbot said...

Very very very nice. I think these guys were my favorites on Drawergeeks this time around.

I sense you really turning on the creativity as of late. I like it!